Ghoulsville Fish Face and Vampyre Girl Honey Comb Halloween Vintage Decor

Ghoulsville Fish Face and Vampyre Girl Honey Comb Halloween Vintage Decor


Ready to have the living lights scared right out of you and have your adrenaline soar? You're guaranteed to blow your top with these new Party Killers of Gore!


Fish Face is fresh from the Ghoulsville swamp and he's ready to romp. Craving the likes of the Vampyre girl? This vintage inspired decoration is ready to whirl! Her cape is red, her bones are dead, and what's that tattoo on her head? She has webs on her feet as well, I hope her pumps don't make her swell. Swamp monster has never been meaner, and his scales have never been greener.  He radiates with a green glow and where he bounces next you just don't know!


What's super spooky and ultimately groovy? A little breeze causes the arms and legs to blow freely and bounce around with more exuberance than ever seen before!


What's Included?:


- Features 2 monsters to a package


- Each individual monster is over 2 feet tall


- Monsters made of top-quality heavy weight 4C printed paper with hinged body & attached accordion folded matching honeycomb paper for fun arms and legs to dangle


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