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Mini Bottle Lot 5 - Hand Blown - Textured - Bottle Decor

Mini Bottle Lot 5 - Hand Blown - Textured - Bottle Decor


These 5 hand blown mini bottles/vases are so unique with their textured confetti glass.


Three of the green tinted glass bottles have handles and are more like pitchers or oil bottles and two of the bottles have a glass ruffle around the neck and no handle, making them look more like mini vases.


As you can see in the photos, these bottles were once used as candle holders. Two of them still have a large mass of wax in the bottle neck and others have wax drips remaining on the sides. I have cleaned them up only minimally so you can choose to leave them as found with their waxy character or clean them up further.


The pontil can be felt on some of the bottles.


  • Return Policy

    Vintage, Antique, and Pre-Loved items sometimes have slight imperfections and signs of wear.  Vintage enthusiasts often feel this adds to the character of such items.  We try our best to provide the most accurate description using both text and photos so that any of these "imperfections" can be seen and a buying decision can be made.  If you would like additional photos or have questions about an item, please request this BEFORE you purchase to help ensure you will be 100% happy with your item.  Due to the nature of products, we do not offer a refund or exchange policy on our second-hand goods.

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