TWA Trans World Airlines Flying Magic Board For Kids

TWA Trans World Airlines Flying Magic Board For Kids


TWA (Trans World Airlines) Flying Magic Board activity set for children to keep them occupied during a flight. This is a "Colorforms" type set that you peel pre-cut plastic pieces off the "grid" and press them onto the "blackboard" to make many different shapes and vehicles as shown on the borders of the set. The pieces can then be reused by putting them back onto the grid that they came off of.


As you can see, this set from the 50's/60's is more for nostalgia than play. Many of the color pieces have been lost over the years and some have lost their ability to stick. (I did not try wiping them with a wet cloth, which might reactivate them.) However, this would still make an interesting display item or add to a larger collection. The condition of this item has been reflected in the low price. 

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