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Six Iridescent Carnival Glass Iris Herringbone Footed Tumblers

Vintage Jeanette Iridescent Marigold Footed Glass Tumblers - Iris & Herringbone


This is a lovely set of six Vintage Jeanette Iridescent Carnival Glass Iris Herringbone Footed Tumblers. They have a unique herringbone pattern in lines up and down the glass and then some Iris flowers worked into the herringbone design. They have an iridescent or carnival glass like appearance. These tumblers have been wrapped in a box and stored in a closet for a very long time in my Grandmother’s house, possibly since a move in the 1970’s. I read that production on these ended in 1960, so they are definitely an aged glass.


Condition: Due to being wrapped in paper and stored so long, each of the six glasses has its own unique characteristics. Some have some darker discoloration spots here and there while others have none. It is a bit hard to photo, especially since they are a bit shimmery anyway. I have accounted for the age spots in the pricing. No chips, cracks, or repairs were detected.


Measurements: Approximately 6 ⅛” height by 2 ¾” wide.


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    Due to the nature of products, we do not offer a refund or exchange policy on our second-hand goods. Vintage, Antique, and Pre-Loved items sometimes have slight imperfections and signs of wear.  Vintage enthusiasts often feel this adds to the character of such items.  We try our best to provide the most accurate description using both text and photos so that any of these "imperfections" can be seen and a buying decision can be made.  If you would like additional photos or have questions about an item, please request this BEFORE you purchase to help ensure you will be 100% happy with your item. 

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