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Vintage Rubber Animal Train made in West Germany

Vintage Rubber Animal Train made in West Germany

$24.00 Regular Price
$19.20Sale Price

This vintage train toy is not only cute, but being made in West Germany, it’s also a piece of history!

The train is lead with a yellow engine being driven by a green monkey. Follow that with a white, blue, and green train car being ridden by a lion, giraffe, and elephant, respectively.

Each piece has plastic rotating wheels and you can connect and disconnect the train cars and move the animals in and out. Each car is about 2.5” and the entire connected train is 12” long.

Condition: This item is new old stock that does not appear to have ever been opened. The staples closing the plastic packaging are intact. It looks to have at one time been stock in a Danish store in California as it carries the tag on the packaging. There is some damage to the outer packaging but the train looks unaffected.

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