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Junkspirations is a brick and mortar treasure box store that specializes in upcycled, antique, and vintage décor in Arvada, Colorado.  It carries many different types and styles of home decor, collectibles, furniture, jewelry, accessories, furniture, toys and funky finds.  It probably has the last piece to your puzzle you've been looking for!  If you are needing a unique item for yourself or a gift for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or special event, Junkspirations has something to fit the occasion! All the trinkets and doo-dads cannot possibly be listed on this website alone, so please come in for a visit!

Mission Statement

Our mission at Junkspirations is to encourage customers to reveal their own individual personality within their home decor. We do this by offering unique finds, furniture, and handmade items that add beauty, fun, creativity, or style into one's space.  We aim to inspire creative re-purposing of ugly, outdated, or unused items so that they can once again be beautiful, be purposeful and be Loved!

How We're Different

Junkspirations is different than many antique stores in the way in which pre-used pieces are hand-selected based on their high-quality and uniqueness-not purchased in large unseen lots.  Items are then meticulously dusted, washed, oiled, cleaned, painted, recreated, or restored to save you, the buyer time.  When visiting the store, you will find these items displayed with thought, to best showcase each piece.  The store is clean and inviting (you don't get the claustrophobic feeling like at many antique stores).  Finally, as opposed to unmanned booths in antique malls, the owner is available on site so you can ask questions, get decorating suggestions, or reminisce of times past.

Meet Tammy - the Owner

a picture of owner Tammy smiling at the photographer while sitting on a bench in her antique store and typing on a blue typewriter

Hello!  My name is Tammy and I opened Junkspirations in the fall of 2015 after being an educator for many years.  It was a tough decision to leave education but since "you only live once", I wanted to also pursue this passion. 


I have lots of favorites to my job like hunting for the various items I bring into the store.  I look for things that are unique, of high-quality, and speak to me-which usually creates and eclectic mix.  I also enjoy painting furniture as well as upcycling outdated and unwanted items so that they can be useful and loved again.  I joke that in my dreams I'm an "interior decorator" so staging items in my store is right up my alley! 


I did end up going back to the classroom part time and I am really enjoying  getting to follow both my passions.  If you'd like to learn more about my story, you can read further using the link to the left.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and thank you in advance for supporting my small business and making this teacher's dreams come true!

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