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Chalk Couture

 by Tammy, 

Independent   Designer

Tammy is leading a porch board design workshop and standing in front of a five foot wooden board explainging how to paint it

Chalk Couture™ is a category-creating home décor company, making homes and lives more beautiful. We make it easy for everyone to create stunning home décor and gifts.

Easy to use, impossible to forget, our Chalk Transfer™ designs, Chalkology™ Paste, and Chalkology™ Ink turn surfaces from boring to breathtaking! Our products are unlike anything you’ve seen in the design and décor world! They are perfect for the creative type (and even better for the not-so-creative type!)

A sticky backed chalk couture transfer is being taken from its backing, laid on a chalkboard, painted, and peeled back up, leaving the desing on the chalkboard
a red painted chair is holding two pillows which were designed using chalk couture products and is next to a cream can with a pedestal chalboard on top with a design created with chalk couture products

Check out the versatility of Chalk Couture products! As some come available we will be selling some off. Be sure to join our group and keep up with any updates, and sales!

a woman decorating a wooden pumpking with chalk couture paste and transfer
a chalkboard in base with a bunny painted on the chalkboard that reads some bunny loves you
three wooden christmas trees painted in snowflake desings in front of a horizontal wooden sign painted with the words reindeer lane
a young girl painting a rabbit on a chalk board during a craft workshop
two vintage blue hardback suitcases that have been painted on the front one with a bicycle that says enjoy the journey and the other with a truck and verse about life taking you to unexpected places
two books stacked together that have been painted with a bumble bee on the cover and the words bee happy and queen bee on the spines
a woman sitting at a craft table making a painted book stack craft
a glitter snowflake tag being held up outside of Junkspirations antique store
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