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Do you have "junk" you'd like to donate or sell?

We may be interested! 


However, we look for items that fit our shop aesthetic, space, budget, and offer something unique to our customers.  


Please review the information below to see if you "junk" has what it takes!

Items we are NOT currently purchasing

Beanie Babies


Decorative Plates

Fine china

Crystal/Cut Glass

Table Lamps (Unless unusual)

Wall Art (Unless velvet, paint-by-number, nail and thread, or just plain cool!)

Dirty, Smelly or Broken items

Items that peak our interest:

Skeleton keys

swung vases


mushroom themed

80s toys





Still think we'd be interested?

Donate:  We do appreciate customers who support our biz by donating items to us.  Let us be another resource for when you purge antique and vintage items.  Items are less likely to be damaged, split-apart, trashed, or sold in bulk than at many chain thrift stores.  Our vintage-loving customers will give your older items the best chance of a new life and you will be supporting small biz without having to spend a dime!

Sell:  Need some extra spending money but don't have the time or resources to clean, photo, describe, post, follow-up, store and sell your item on your own?  Sell to us and we'll do the rest.  However, due to the work it takes to sell along with everyday shop expenses, we cannot pay online and retail prices to acquire items.  If you're looking for full value, we're not your buyer. 

Email: We encourage you to send any info., pics, or prices to for review. The more information the better! Sending your info. in such a way allows us to view it at a time convenient to us as well as saves you the energy of packing your items in and out of the store.

Walk-In: If you'd rather bring your items to us in person, we can look at your offerings in our brick-and-mortar location. Do know, however, that if we are busy, we may ask you to return at a more convenient time. 

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