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1800's Antique Steamer Trunk-Nicholas Cook Palmer House Storage Coffee Table

1800's Antique Steamer Trunk-Nicholas Cook Palmer House Storage Coffee Table

$499.00 Regular Price
$449.10Sale Price

With just the right amount of old world charm, weathered wood, metal adornments, kitschy decals, and storage space, this trunk is a winner! This one is a bit taller too and would make the perfect coffee table.

Identifying labels read "Nicholas Cook Trunks and Bags, Palmer House Chicago" and there is a patent sticker for a removeable hinged tray from 1876 so I am guessing this trunk is from around that time frame. A Google search didn't land on any information when searched, leading me to believe this trunk might be rare.

This trunk is not perfect, but it is perfectly vintage! On the inside, the hinge that the patent was referring to, so that the extra storage case can fit right up into the lid, is hanging on the side. There is also an extra piece of metal that I was told went with the hinge included in the sale in case one can figure out how to repair it. There is some tearing in the envelop paper and rough edges on the corners of the inner box. On the outside, I am not sure if the strap handles are authentic and they might have been replaced at some point, but they are a beautiful braided leather. They are also used to hold the lid of the extra box to it's base, so it all goes together in style. There is of course cracks, dents, and dings in the wood, showing that this trunk has lived a good life and has survived to tell about it! The trunk may have been covered with fabric at some point as I thought I saw a few threads, but it is hard to know. The wood sure is beautiful though with all its old charm and the cast iron adornments complete the look.

I can only include a limited number of pictures with this listing so if specific photos are desired, please let me know and I can get those taken for you.

If this trunk could talk, I think you'd agree that it would probably tell an interesting story! I do not come across these taller trunks with a flat top, extra storage box and decorative flair often and am hoping you too can see the beauty. I feel my asking price is fair based on the age, uniqueness, and condition. However, if it doesn't suit you, feel free to make an offer.

I am offering this with local pick up outside of Denver, CO. I'm not opposed to shipping but would need some guidance from you on where to begin and you would need to plan on a couple hundred more to get it to you.

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    Vintage, Antique, and Pre-Loved items sometimes have slight imperfections and signs of wear.  Vintage enthusiasts often feel this adds to the character of such items.  We try our best to provide the most accurate description using both text and photos so that any of these "imperfections" can be seen and a buying decision can be made.  If you would like additional photos or have questions about an item, please request this BEFORE you purchase to help ensure you will be 100% happy with your item.  Due to the nature of products, we do not offer a refund or exchange policy on our second-hand goods. 

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