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Overland Circus Band Wagon Cast Iron 2 Horses Driver Wagon 4 Band Members Lion

Overland Circus Band Wagon Cast Iron 2 Horses Driver Wagon 4 Band Members Lion

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$78.40Sale Price

Featured here is a cast-iron Band Wagon drawn by two horses. There are no maker's marks, only a single lion head on the outside of the wagon. However, online research has deemed it the Overland Circus band wagon with the hard to find single lion head design, which makes sense given it came in with another Overland labeled circus wagon (see it in my other listings) and there was limited information on this particular design.


This circus wagon comes with a cast-iron seated driver and four band members (three horn players and one drum). The members sit in the top of the wagon.


The wagon measures 6 inches long (without the horses) and 5 1/2 inches tall. Each band member is 2 3/4 inches tall. Very heavy piece for it's size... about 10 pounds.


Condition: I don’t know much about these cast-iron toys, but to me it seems to be in good condition. Some guess it’s probably not the earliest wagons but possibly 1960’s era. The horses have all their feet and the wheels rotate. There are no broken pieces found and the paint appears intact and bright. There are two missing band members and it may have come with chains for the horses to the driver at one time, but I do not have those.


If you are a collector of these, be sure to see my listing for a larger Overland wagon with a bear cage.

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