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Curate Your Life!

 Why Choose Us?


Let us be your go-to Antiques and Vintage Dealer.

Here are some ways we stand apart from the crowd!


*We are NOT a vendor mall and therefore do not have to conform to restrictive antique mall inventory and sales rules.  We make our own rules!

*Inviting, well-organized displays

*Curated selection.  We lean toward unique, unusual, whimsical.

*woman-owned small business

*There's room at the top for all of us.  Local Colorado makers and businesses featured within the shop.

*We may sell junk, but it's not junky!  We organize, dust, wash, oil, clean, paint, recreate, or restore most items before offering them for sale.

*Upcycling and Craft Classes on site.

*No unmanned booths here!  Owner on site to answer questions, make suggestions, or reminisce right along with you if desired.




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